Child Sitting For Your Kids


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We just enjoyed two weeks in Playa DÉn Bossa and were lucky enough to be pointed towards ´PLAY ZONE´by our Kids Rep.

They child sit for you and have have 25 televisions, each with Playstation 2, X-Box, Internet access for kids and a big movie screen. Our kids spent most of their evenings in there while we got to enjoy our evenings out on our own. What a result!

Its great value for money too. So head down there, it was a absolute godsend.


How Much

It cost us 9 euros for 2 kids per hour in the daytime and then 18 euros per hour in the evenings (this is when they locked the doors and had a secure entry and exit system in place to ensure child safety.

They also had two more girls in the evening which is one of the reasons for the slight increase in cost. But for about 10 per hour for my two children, I wasn´t complaining..... it meant we could spend more time at the Restaurant and Bars!!!!!