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Heard rumors he´s gonna release sometying pretty soon, anyone know about this.....I heard a track called "Daylight" and instantly fell in love with it!
I LOVED SALTWATER!! And the other single too, not the one with Bryan Adams....

No, I realised the album hasn´t been released, I saw this on his nope!
I have such a hard time getting quality Trance/house tunes in the states. I have to go 40 miles to find most of my techo tunes. I gotta get this. I loved them since "Saltwater"...
"give it up" wasn´t my favourite either, but apparently Bryan and that Chicane dude are good friends in private, so that´s why they decided to do a track 2gether I suppose.....


Chicane – AKA UK pop/dance/trance dude Nick Bracegirdle – is to release a new album in the New Year. The album, entitled ‘Easy To Assemble’, will be Chicane’s third. The album will feature club favourite 'Locking Down', 'Love On The Run' (featuring Peter Cunnah), ‘Daylight’ and 'East Side Story' (featuring Bryan Adams). Adams previously guested – though was uncredited – on the track ‘Don’t Give Up’ – from the second Chicane album ‘Behind the Sun’, which was released in 2000.

The single topped the UK charts. If you want to hear previews of the forthcoming album, then if you get you skates on, you can catch Chicane, accompanied by a full live band, at Manchester University MDH on October 2 and London Astoria on October 3.