chessie boy makin his return 8th - 15th septemeber


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hey all. im rob 23 from chesterfield. ive been comin to ibiza for 12 years nwo n hav made 14 trips here i love the place. i normally come with my chessie lads but this yr they hav all become loved up so had to find sum ibiza virgins to drag along. anyways if anyone will b in san antonio between 8th - 15th september drop us a line.
pink panther beware one of the chessie boys is comin bak! muahaha
Hey Rob, I am coming to Ibiza 13th Sept and will be in the Pink Panther on Sunday night (14th) to kick start my holiday. I am coming with my mate who is an Ibiza virgin and we cant wait.

What time roughly do you think you will be in the Panther? x

xxxxxxxxxxx hey there hunny bun, as speedy says you were missed in july xxx look forward to seeing you next week wooohoooo bring it on chessy.... I am coming to barnsley in november going to be doing weekend parties starting 15th november... so you can party pink panther style a bit closer to home lol... my new uk events site is called meetmeinyorkshire check it out xxxx