Cheeky 90's Eurohouse revival


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Looks like there's a cheeky 90's Eurohouse revival going on right now.....most of it is for laughter on the dance floor off course, but some tracks sound surprisingly good.

Just take a look at Maceo playing this one at Circoloco:
Maceo playing Toni Di Bart

And Luuk van Dijk playing Whigfield here at the second part of the video:
Luuk van Dijk playing Whigfield - Saturday Night

And I can't find the video anymore, but I saw Topping playing La Bouche - Be My Lover on the dance parade in Zurich a few days ago.

Is it a thing amongst Dj's this season? I like it! More examples or your guilty eurohouse pleasures are welcome!
My eurohouse pleasure that I would love to hear at a festival or party once again:
U96 - Club Bizarre


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Properly used and lightly remixed, these tracks will make people loose their shit on the floor and make the night.

Unfortunately too many DJs take themselves too seriously and don't realize their job to to improve the party, and not circle-jerk musically.
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Johnny Vodka

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I remember Benidorm 2002 (?). Best damn pills I've had.. for 5 nights in a row, and everyplace seemingly playing nothing but DJ Sammy and that Euro-cheese cover of Like A Prayer. :lol:


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12 Polizei and Eifel 65 is definitely the end of electronic Music , same for U96 and so on.
In Germany we had a artist called Scooter, this was similar.
In German we call it Kirmestechno ( funfair Techno ).

What I heard in Ibz was a little 80s or 90s backlash sound , which was not so bad. Bob Sinclair had a good taste.
He played a little 90s house ( but People here know it )


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This nostalgic comeback of 90s dance/house was expectable as the retro wave usually returns after 20-25 years. The people who used to party on these tracks are grown ups now and i bet most of them have not been to a club or concert since then. It brings back good memories and their younger years. In my country there are loads of events with these artists... Next weekend for example we'll have Aqua, Safri Duo, Groove Coverage, Jenny from Ace of Base, amd one of my dancefloor favourite: 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor (what a shitty artist name :D)


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Was at student night at Hertfordshire University a few years ago.

The nights acts were as follows

3 Members from S Club 7
And 2 Members from the Boy band known as Five...

Fortunately a mates sister was there. Otherwise the night would've been a real low point.......


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Yes i remember those as well (but could not mention a single song) think Five had one with a catchy vocal
Funny that their band is called Five but only 2 performs. They should have called themselves two-fifths.. or 0.4