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One of my mates bought a CD the other day and personally i think its quality. just felt it is my duty to inform you of it if you havnt already heard it. its called too many djs and you can check it out at ;)
ps. try not to be put off or swayed in any way by the look of the tracklisting as you gotta hear this badboy and hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised.
pps. i apologise for using the word badboy but it just felt right :lol: ;)
It is actually a very good CD, 2manyDJ's are basically a group called Soulwax (they are scandanvian I think, not sure which country!). 2manyDJ's is a side sort of project, where they mix, basically completely random songs! They did a DJ set at Reading Festival in n the Evening Session Stage after all the bands had finished!
Rob, I'm with you on this one, sorry spottster, got sold on this one by a mate over a year ago and it's not very my opinion :confused:
Dissappointed doc, thought you would have liked this one. its definately not an after party cd or even a party cd but just to have a few drinks before you go out and have a listen to, i thought it was pure quality. ;)
Anyone seen Dj Yoda at work... mixes everything up & it works a treat. I remember him dropping fraggle rock, A-Team and Dallas themes among others lol
mai oui, saw him last time he played in shine. the same night krust and dread n co played. think it might have been the christmas party actually. cant really remember too much to be fair so couldnt tell ya how good he was.