Check this for Cocoon@Amnesia!!!


great find.


order your ticket from cocoon direkt and get a free VIP armband allowing you access to VIP lounge. price 25 Euros - GREAT FIND

there is an email there. don't know whether it counts for non-german clubbers. i am sending them a mail now to ask
I had found this a week or two ago. Never received any reaction on the e-mail I sended :cry: . Now it's too late anyway :( .

If you can only pay with "Nachnahmegebühr" only German clubbers can profit from this offer.
I have sens some e-mails to them too in the past few weeks, but still no reaction.... :confused:
unfortunately it is only for german citizens as outside germany, cocoon have a contractual agreement with amnesia to sell tickets at a certain prices.

lucky germans!!

Here's the reply I received from Cocoon:

hello shawn -

for what event do you need a ticket ?
you have to transfere the money to our bank and then fax us the transfere receipt and after that i can send you the tickets.
or you buy the normal tickets in a bar on the island !

Kind of a big hassle to get the tickets, but it does not appear I'm excluded because I'm not German. Would be kinda cool to get the VIP, and the price seems fair. What does Cocoon normally charge?
25 euros? What a bargain!

Last year, it was between 40-50 euros to get in, and obviously that didn't include VIP access. If it's off the official site, I'd say give it a go.
They arer doing the same action again this year! Only now it's 30 euro's for your Cocoon@Amnesia VIP ticket!! :eek: (Internationally available!) and say which tickets you would like and you even get a quick reply!!! ;) So if you know that your going anyway, why don't save yourself €15 or so, AND get access to the VIP area :!:

Check and see it for yourself. (It does require some German though!)
nish said:
quality find.

Now to get an address in germany... ;)

Not needed! ;) They will send them anywhere! You will have to transfer money to their IBAN, fax the bank receipt and the tickets will be mailed!

Just done all that. Now just anxiously opening my mailbox every day ;)
Just got a reply back, but don't think i'll bother it seems a helluva lot of hassl. It cost 30 Euro's you transfer funds (which probably costs through the bank) then I'll have the risk of them not arriving on time as I go in 2 weeks!!!

The tickets out ther will only be 40 euros so not much difference. Not bothered about VIP either, would rather be on the dancefloor jackin to the techno!!! 8)