cheaper entrance fees???

mrs. d.

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I just saw this little news flashy thing on the space website saying that entrance fees lower than those in 2002 to clubs would be published next week.
Anybody else see this? Anybody else know the story?
Cheaper entrance fees? Drinkable water? Could the planets be aligning?? :?:
No joke -- I really just went back to the site and it's still flashing that teasy little news flash. Perhaps it's in light of the US dollar beginning to falter against the Euro... They're taking pity on us already overtaxed Americans...
(heh heh, yeahhhhh)
I've mixed feeling about lowering the prices.

Firstly if you compare the prices to back home and what you get for your money, the likes of Space/Pacha are worth every penny.

Secondly, i personally believe the high prices keep out the beer boys etc.

You get what you pay for ;)

I await the bashing :confused:
DrewUK said:
Secondly, i personally believe the high prices keep out the beer boys etc.

i disagree with that i'm afraid.

if you look at eden, they still go there yet its the same price.
If they reduce the prices, the clubs will be more rammed than they are at the moment. We don't need that. I am happy to spend my holiday cash on entrance fees. Its the drinks prices that get me down.
Personally, I don't mind if stuff is cheaper -- I doubt that any reduction in entrance fees would be shocking anyway (maybe 5 euros cheaper?). Plus, I'm not a fan of economic exclusivity -- I don't know that charging more on the door makes the crowd inside any better. Some of the best nights I've been on outside of Ibiza were the five or ten dollar cover nights.
"Due to improvements in the system of desalination plants on the island, clean drinkable water should be pumping through the island’s taps any day now. This is great news for the clubs in Ibiza whose reputation in the past has suffered due to high prices for this most basic of health requirements."

This was taken in the Space site...

Well see if they tell the truth...
Yes but who is going to be the Guinea pig who tries the water and ends up losing a few days of their holiday sitting on the toilet!!!