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Apparently the Osiris and the Adelino were meant to be cheap, but for singles the price rockets! :(

Anyone know any cheap place in san antonio for singles? I'll be coming over on my own in august and can find much info!

Feel free to pm or email me (its on my profile) - or u can use them handy links just below this message ;)

Any help greatly appreciated

Cheers Peeps

mmm, nice idea- as fellas always pay for everything, just one thing mand- that would SERIOUSLY clash with my sexuality!

Any old rich women fancy an indecent proposal??? :lol:
You can get a nice studio/one-bedroom apartment in San Antonio at a reasonable price from Ibiza Properties:

Cheap hostels in San Antonio:
.Hostal Residencia Roig 971.340.483 (centrally located, popular w/ young British visitors)

.Habitaciones Serra 971.341.326