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For anyone who wants a cheap Holiday to Ibiza in mid October,Ryanair have fights for £2.00 return including taxes from Liverpool,combine that with some bargain apartments, could be done for about £70 pp total
Yes they are there for sure!!! We booked and paid £17 each. :eek: Later this evening though they have dropped further still leaving us £15.00 out of pocket!!! :evil:lol
In addition to that our best friends cant make it!!:(
Make sure if booking you pay with a visa electron card though as our booking for four persons would of resulted in a £40 fee (£5 pp per 1 way journey) all cards regardless of debit/credit will cost you this with the exception of 'electron'
just booked for fiends of mine £57.00 return for two people,add the dreaded card fee £77.00.Still very cheap for two people return.
They really are a fabulous bargain. One of us were fortunate enough to be the holder of an electon card, thus saving £40.
I wonder is it woth investing in one, or is it only Ryanair who have the odd charges with any card other than that?
Be forewarned though with Ryanair, my daughter whom works at the Airport assures me they are really very very strict with luggage weight/sizes etc.
Happy hols:D
I saw cheap tickets with Ryan Air - unfortunately the standard luggage allowance with other airlines added up to over £400 return with that nutter
free luggage/bags

Came across the promo code for Jet2 -for all Spain,Portugal & therefore IBIZA flights booked for next year - 2010.

After the end of the booking pages - put the code FREEBAG in and it will give you a 22kg bag free.

This is a great saving as i think its around £9.99 each way, per person for a standard suitcase.

Happy hols xxx