charlies bar


cheryl pearson

can anyone tell me if kids are allowed in at charlies bar my friend tells me that kids can go in till a certain time but need to be a cetain age anyone know what that age is, she got so pissed last year she may have been seeing things. i will be going to ibiza this year bad luck for me 7 kids are also coming as well as 7 adults we will be taking it in turns to babysit so we all get to go clubbing but the kids are now really moaning saying they want to go clubbing as well why should the adults have all the fun they say help help help anyone who knows of disco's dance bars etc for the kids to go to there ages are 9 years to 16 years
where is charlies bar?
as you probably know bars here are very child tolerant. i don't think there are any laws preventing children from being in bars - they're just not allowed to drink there. spanish bar culture is much more family oriented than many other countries.
charlie's bar is in Es-Cana anyone else know anything about the place