Channel Zoo & The Zoo Project @ GALA NIGHT 2009


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according to jonathan tena's myspace the zoo project is already confirmed for summer 2009.....

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Vinyl Club vs Safari Electronique @ ZOO 2009

just one dated (still to be fully confirmed) so far


8th July 2009

The Zoo Project every Saturday from 20th June.

(first party of the season, as Channel Zoo, on may 30th)
The Zoo Project 2009

Pre Summer // News Letter


We are proud to announce that on Saturday 30th May we will be opening the Gala Night abandoned zoo location with THE ZOO PROJECT vs CHANNEL ZOO.

There will be no Zoo Project events again until the middle of June because the natural migration of animals arrive to the island and stamped towards THE BIG OPENING of THE ZOO PROJECT on Saturday the 20th JUNE.

The Zoo Projects presents CHANNEL ZOO’s will open on WEDNESDAY the 1st July and will be changing channels weekly showcasing The Zoo Projects new friends and the best underground record labels every WEDNESDAY.

THE ZOO PROJECT has been under constant evolution for the past two years and it will be bringing you the best DJs and the most amazing performance ever to hit the island of Ibiza every SATURDAY.

The Zoo’s winter tour has collected masses of exotic animals from around the world and holding regular events in UK, Italy, South America and Germany we guarantee to bring the most diverse gathering of wildlife ever to be held captive in Ibiza's old abandoned zoo.


Unfortunately some of you who wanted to go to The Zoo Project last year got MISLEAD and ended up in some one of event or tour agency package at the abandoned Zoo Gala Night. The people who used the Zoo location on the other days always write AT THE ZOO or some link to ANIMALs in big so that you are mislead into going on the wrong day. Please remember that THE ZOO PROJECT and CHANNEL ZOO will only be on a WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY and if you ask around on the island someone will take you by the paw and escort you directly to where you can get the right ticket.


The Zoo Project exists in a totally different dimension. So to experience the true ZOO PROJECT that everyone has been talking about only go on a WEDNESDAY or SATURDAY. Follow the herd and not the crowd and you will be safe or you can buy your zoo tickets at Pussycat (San Antonio), Tantra (Playa Den Bossa) or Zoo Bar (Ibiza Town).

-Buying a ticket does not guarantee your entrance.
-Anti chav rules will be enforced?
-Dressing to impress does guarantee your entrance
-Zebras are always welcome

For more info send you questions to

Until then Play safe kids ;)

SOURCE: official myspace
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Channel Zoo every Wednesday from 1st July.
Every Wednesday // 24th June - 2nd September

The No.1 underground house record label showcase in Ibiza

in association with

Freak N Chic, Oslo, Moonharbor, 8 bit & Cecile, Kindisch, Welt rec, Vinyl Club, Leftroom, 20/20, Rejekts, Crosstown Rebels, Tenax, Urban Artforms, Below, Back2Basics, Ibiza On Tv, Pressure festival, Flex, Rex Club, *Riffraff, Wildlife...and many more

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30th May :: VENUE OPENING :: THE ZOO PROJECT presents CHANNEL ZOO @ (The Abandoned Zoo) feat. Nima Gorji, Jonathan Tena, Jean Cedric, Luc Ringeisen, Defex, Michael James, David Sanchez and special guest. Artistic Dance The Minx Fx.

20th June :: THE ZOO PROJECT BIG OPENING @ (The Abandoned Zoo) 4 arenas :: The Seal Pit returns :: feat. Federico, Michael James, Defex, Jonathan Tena, Milou, Clint Lee, Phara, Lee Pennington & Gow, Robert James, Nic & Kaleb and very special guests..Artistic performance by The Minx Fx.

24th June :: IBIZA ON TV @ THE ZOO feat. Zoo Project & Freak N Chic.. fully televised on Match Box TV. presented by Ibiza model Giulia Campinoti

1st July BIG OPENING of CHANNEL ZOO, Crosstown Rebels Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones gang up with Birmingham's finest BELOW...concept Cult films.

Breakout Audio label party at the infamous Zoo Club in Ibiza, alongside Mixmag, Ketaloco & the Panorama Gang.

18th July