Channel 4 last night - The Perfect Vagina

Jam Man

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Did anyone watch this last night?

I turned over when some girl was having a flapsectomy or whatever it was called and thought it was really sad that women actually thought there was an 'acceptable' look for their nunnies...

...then about 10 minutes later they showed a picture of a girl who looked like a family of squid were trying to escape from her toot.

Yer I watched it, I quite liked the woman who made the documentary (Lisa Rogers) and the way she approached it, I couldn't believe what the muslim girl was going to do (have her hymen repaired otherwise if she didn't appear to be a virgin on her wedding night her parents would literally kill her and then commit suicide) sad state of affairs for that family if that's the way they think the muslim faith expects them to behave, anyway, back to the decorators who said they expected women's bits to be clean and tidy and all tucked up in the right places, they didn't like beef curtains! hahahahahaha :lol: that made me laugh! The 16 years old "problem" was an acceptable reason for surgery though!
Jesus man, I think as a 16 year old I would have run a mile from that one in terror!!

It looked like a ripped out fireplace...