Changes in uk-ibiza flight routings


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Can anyone shed any light on the rumour that as from next year you will no longer be able to fly direct from the UK to Ibiza, having to go via Palma instead. Hope its not true. Hate having to wait any longer than necessary to get to my beloved island!!!! :cry:
i cannot imagine this to be true for 1 single nano second.

there would be simply no logistical or financial benefit to do this. most of the planes are chartered for tour groups, so this make no sense.

ignore it
I was also assured by Easyjet that with the merger between Go and Easyjet they would be continuing the direct London - Ibiza route.
There is also talk of one of the other no frills airlines trying to get a direct routing. I cant remember who it was but was talking to one of the locals who brings British people in to the island and they said that there had been talks.
I heard that BMIbaby (who fly from east midlands airport) will be starting a direct service. this is not confirmed though
agree, with all of you, to stop direct flights, would not only cause uproar from people flying from uk to ibiza, i would cause uproar from people flying from ibiza to london. Also Iberia, would not be able to take the demand.

Thank f**k for that!! Heard it was something to do with the Ballearic Government, so its no surprise it seems to be a load of ballearics. :D

You maybe getting mixed up with winter flights to and from ibiza, at the moment there are no direct flights from ibiza to the uk, meaning that the residents have to pay expensive prices just soo they can get off the island, because of this there has been protests by the residents....
I know I emailed easyjet and told them would be demand for new year. no response yet, 'but your comments are always welcome' you know.

James, yeah there really would be a great demand. Where i go in cala Llonga, on the complex lots of the owners of the apartments go out there in new year and xmas. And buy the looks of things lots of clubbers i think it would be worthwhile, but 'what do we know were only the public'.

let us know anything.