central city



has anyone stayed at the central city and if so, what's it like? can you see the sunset from the appartments?
I have a few friends who got late deals to this hotel last year, and I've got onme this year.

As far as I know you can't see the sunset (though, there may be some rooms you'll be able to see it from). I've also heard that the apartments are fine.

Also - try and avoid getting a room on the ground floor as people use the balconies as shortcuts (which makes them more prone to break-ins).
I meet some girls who were staying there. Looked quite nice.

I thinks its a 18-30's hotel......

"Warning watch the first white step as you go up the stairs"

You cant see it cos its the same colour as the floor, no end of people have missed it and gone flying! me included.
Im also staying at Central City. Flying out form Glasgow on the 13th september for 1 week.

Where is it near?Ive been told its down the front at the marina? 5 mins from the westend.

Any more info? What r the rooms like? ive heard its quite nice although its an 18-30 effort.
this was the first place we ever stayed. we had to go with 18-30s as we booked so late and it was all that was left for 3 sharing. Its just your typical 18-30s place. OK for somewhere to stay!
I stayed there in 1998 when it was relatively new. They’re ok, pretty basic but one of the ok-ish 18-30 hotels. I could see the sunset from my balcony but it wasn’t the best view in the world. The sunset strip was to the left of my balcony so you could see it slightly. Its only about 5 minutes from Café Del Mar / Mambo etc.
I stayed there two years ago and our apartment was really nice & big, clean too. I remember that flippin step i went flying on that. The only prob I had with it was they played dead loud music from 9am when we were just getting in, wouldnt have minded but it was the same cd all the time! They will play yours if you take them tho!
It is one of the better places I have stayed in, just a shame its 18-30's!
booked last minute too in june this year, very 18-30 but still did our own thing anyway.

nice apartments and that step is a pain in the arse, especially when your mind is elsewhere!


get the air conditioning, i think it was a returnable deposit of 60 euros and it works a right treat!
we're going there from the 23rd august..my mates gf is there now and he had a call from her sayin that the apartments were pretty good 4 18-30's and the air con is spot on...seeya soon!!!
First place I ever stayed in Ibiza - they are right about the stairs. We went on a really cheap 100 squid deal with 18-30's so I went fully expecting the worst.

The rooms are actually nice, they have their own bathrooms and kitchens etc. The balconies are rather small but if you are gong 2-3 of you, it will be ok, There were 3 of us and we thought it was fine. Rooms are small, basic but bright and there is a snack bar and pool downstairs which are all ok. Not to far from West End and Cafe del Mar but enough out of the noise. I reall enjoyed my stay there.

Have Fun x