I was recently watching Wild On Ibiza and they were in some caves and they looked pretty cool i was wondering if anyone knows where they are? i missed it on the program!!! they go very deep down theres like steps and all sorts. anyone know?? :eek:
The Caves at Ses Fontanelles

For those explorers amongst you, just before you reach the entrance to the bay, turn off to the right and drive up the camino (dirt track). You will have to park the car and continue on foot up the cliffs to the caves at Ses Fontanelles.

The walk is long, but the views from the cliffs are incredible. Remember to bring a torch if you want to see anything in the caves.


C'an Marça Caves

Breathtaking sea views as you descend steeply to the entrance. Enter this multi-level, yellow-gold world, plotting the smugglers' ancient route with a multilingual guide. Mysteriously, silently over eons, stalagmites and stalagtites have formed into figures, temples and rocket stations. At the heart is a spectacular Music & Light Show with a 30 ft. cascade of diamond-bright water. Tours hourly from 10.30 a.m till sunset. Open all year.

thanks thats cool but are there buses? or something up there cos like ive just got my licence and i dont fancy driving in ibiza especially in august!! :p but thanks for the info

don't know if they have been mention but at San Miguel there are some grotty holes - or something like that :lol: