Cash Quick Fix!!!!



Everybody knows ibiza is expensive, that goes without sayin really but does anyone have any ideas, no matter how rediculous on how to make money for their holiday??

I've had this conversation with my friends many a time and it's come as low as the idea of stealing cats and waiting for rewards to b posted.

So come on folks, forward ur ideas!!
medical trials

medical trails thay pay up too £100 a day..
You can always rent your body for sex.... but I don't think that is the best way....
Aparently, if sold on the open market for medical purposes, your body is worth nearly $40 million.
Less after a holiday on Ibiza... and how can you go to Ibiza if you don't have your own body anymore :rolleyes:
cheers guys, maybe i'll just stick tot the day job afterall!
Become a minicab driver. :lol: alias pirate taxi operation. There is a distinct shortage of cabs around when the clubs shut, so turn up in the hirecar, or your own and make a pocket. haha. I know someone who did this and made a nice little earning. ;)
sounds like a pretty good idea.....sadly im not old enough to hire a car abroad i dont 18

how old do u have to b in spain?
get a bank loan and a credit card. pay for the holiday on the card get your spends from the bankloan.

if you 18 this shouldnt be a problem.

work yor bollocks of when you get back.