Cash in Ibiza


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I going for 2 weeks from the 4th of sep, but done want take all cash, was considering taking some travellers cheques. How easy are these to change up in San Antonio is there any charge or anything.
I was also considering just leaving it in my bank (Barclays) and taking my cash card, are there any cashpoints in San Antonio as I dont want to have to go into Ibiza town whenever I need cash.



id consider taking travellers chq's if i were you there are cash points over there i'm in barclays too and there's a cash point you can use in san an by the west end the only thing is you get charged for everythime you make a withdrawl, at least with travellers chq's you can get them changed any place plus if you lose them you can get them replaced pretty quickly if you lose your card while your over there and you dont have that much money your screwed!!
changed to just taking my card last year and because of the exchange rate we saved money. You'd still pay a fee if you change up travellers cheques plus the cost of the safe to store them in!
I'm just taking my card this year as well.

Although you are charged each time you make a withdrawal the exchange rate the bank applies is usually better than you would get if you went to a hotel etc to change travellers cheques.
Most places we used charged around 3% for changing Euro Travellers Cheques (on top of the comission you've already paid to buy them at home!), Propably cheaper to use your bank card, We took mostly Travellers Cheques, If I was going again (I wish) I would take some travellers cheques as a backup (incase my card got chewed/lost etc) but would mainly use my bank card, you can always change the Cheques back when you get home if you don't use them (a lot of travel agents dont charge commission when cashing usused cheques).

There are plenty of Cash Machines and places to change Travellers Cheques in San An.
Take your card, there are loads of cash machines everywhere, best bet in my opinion
you're being charged when you get them and then you get charged for cashing them, with cash point card withdrawal you only get charged the once, best practice is to draw the full amount allowed so you limit the amount of times you use the cash point machine!