Carl Cox SANDS live set - 10/09


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Hi, last week when in Ibiza, myself and friends were fortunate enough to see Carl Cox performing a live set on Bora Bora. Pretty damn amazing.

It was Thursday 10/09 early evening time.

During this, there was somebody taking photos, I presume to go on a website or something.

Does anybody know where these photos are uploaded to???

Would be great to see them, as none of us had a camera at the time.

I must have seen his brother play then .......'cause I was at Sands at something very similar.

Photos were being taken by Phrank and are on Frank Weyrauther's Facebook.
A no, sorry that will be it.
It was a little walk up from Bora Bora.

It was by a big massive blow up bottle of Sol if that helps.

Il'l check the Facebook out.
Exactly......Let's not give any credit to Bora Bora where to be honest , in recent years absolutely no credit is due.

Ushaiia and Sands is where it is at.
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