Carl Cox - Global @ Space full dates.



I've found out the exact dates of Carl Cox's Global night @ Space. We're going to be having an interview with the man himself very soon which will be on and we'll be asking him who his guests are going be.

The night is moving from Thursdays to Tuesdays, and they'll be 8 parties this year, two more than last season.

The dates are as follows:-

22nd July
29th July
5th August
12th August
19th August
26th August
2nd September
9th September

Mods if you want to update your details for people would be good for everyone. ;)
hi gecko

thanks for the info but we've had these dates in our calendar for a while now :p

good luck with the interview - lucky bugger :)

would love the full line up when you have it - credit will of course be given :)

Sorry James, I haven't even seen the calendar. Where is it?

I'll let you know what I find about guests. ;)
thats the best news ever, I can now do garlands and cox... WOWOWOWOWOWO

also looks like ill only have a few hours rest after sbliminal to get ready for space...

every day i look on here and get more excited :D
an carl cox plays here in northern ireland 2 weeks from 2moro, Bring it on!!!!!!!
Why does Carl Cox start his nites so late into the season?

in mean - end of july :confused:

i'll be home by then, i was meant to play once at the Escape club in Swansea (which is my local club here in the UK) and after paying £22 he didnt turn up!