Carl Cox closing@space......tuesday 9th sept.


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I was well looking forward to this night, heard soo many good reviews about it, and i can tell ya now it did NOT dissapoint.

we got to den bossa round about 9ish, got our tickest for 15 euros, decided to head to space at about 9:30ish. There was NO queue! complete opposite to what i have read and heard.

When we got into space the terrrace was empty. people were just standing and chatting around the we decided to get a drink and sit down. and we did just that. we sat, watching in amaze for 2 hours listening to dj build up the atmosphere on the terrace, with perfect tunes.

By 11 0´clock the terrace was rammed with people ready to we decided to join in on the frolics. About half an hour later The daddy carl cox stepped into the booth.....the crowd went mad. never heard such a big cheer for one man!.

He took to decks, when suddenly david morales turned up in the booth, with pepe rosello (space owner). They were both jumping up and down, going mad, and literally ávin it´along with the crowd and coxy.

Midnight approached too fast, and i was expecting the enterainment to stop. BUT noooooo, how wrong was i. To my surprise and gratitude the fun carried on untill this time the crowd were sooo wound up i thought the roof was going to take off.....the atmosphere was like a bottle of champagne, and when he droped the last tune the cork was unscrewed! and the place went ballistic! pepe was jumping up and down on coxy´s shoulders! the place just erupted!!!

after about 5 mins of clapping to show coxy our gratitude, we sat down again, and were speechless, we couldn´t describe what we had just witnessed....we thought, "thats why space is the best in the world".

I was happy to go home now. but we waited till 3 for coxy to come on in the discotheque. I was impressed with this, and so was the crowd, for that room was ´aving it´ as well.....but it weren´t as special as the terrrace set.

we left at 5 extremly happy.

Well done coxy!!!!!
:p :p

and well done to space and coxy for only charging 15 euros! i salute you!!

:p :p

all in all one of the ebst experiences of my short clubbing life!.

a deffo for next year!
I was at Carl Cox's closing party too. However we were going to leave early next morning and we were dead tired so I couldn't get the whole feeling :(
But I was there!

When we arrived to Space there already was a very long queue. We got into a little after 10. It was packed!!

We stayed at the door beside the DJ cabin staircase when Cox arrived surrounded by the security staff. The people shouted and cheered a lot like Robo has said.

I think Cox is a good DJ and the fact it's a free party does him credit. I also think it's a good way for their guest DJ's to make themselves known, well done Carl. So I can tell I did like more Jack de Marseilles's set the week before, and the same for Cristian Varela in the closing party.

I don't mean to say I don't like Carl Cox, I do. But when he plays it worth more the people cheering and the atmosphere than his set itself, kinda monotonous for me. Anyway his party worth a visit indeed.

Spot on mate! Coxy's party had the best atmosphere on the island outside of Sundays @ Space. Which goes to show that Space absolutely pisses all over Pacha. If not for some great DJs playing the latter (Sasha, Cattaneo, Tomiie, Deep Dish) I wouldn't have bothered.
Isn´t Coxy´s closing party next week? Anyway I was there this tuesday, absolutely brilliant!!
10 Euro to get in, and that included a drink that probably cost more than 10!
Good to see Mr Cox playing decent banging techno again! The main room in Space impressed me too (never been to Space before...) - I was an Amnesia fan until I went to Space! Still got Cream in an hour or so, that´ll be good - it was last week anyway. See you party people there!
oops so it was the closing party after all - silly me getting my dates mixed up!
I hope Oakey and Tong do the business at Pacha tonight, it´s my last big club night for this year :-(
Didn't manage to get the closing party until about 1am(ish) due to mates and girlfriend taking their time to pull their fingers out their arses, I wanted to get there for cox on the terrace but wasn't to be. The music when cox was on in the main room was spot on, just how I like my techno, but the room was way to far packed for my liking, impossible to get anywhere good in the middle so resided to staying to the back right near where the photographer was on the pillar taking photos. Left about 4.30am but had a good few hours......
Im sorry we didnt get to go to this in the end Rob. Apparently the Q was massive so it was just as well that we went Garlands :D
Robo said:
gecko2 said:
but the room was way to far packed for my liking, ......

i know, tell me about it.....

It was silly, and in a way slightly spoiled my night. Last year Cox's night was never that packed, but it was probably with it being a closing party. Has anyone been to any other Cox nights @ Space this year and were they as busy? :confused:
I went to the one the week before too and even though this one was very crowded it wasn't as rammed as the closing party.
I wasn't dead tired yet like in the closing party and it wasn't packed, so I had a better night.
We arrived about 1:30 cos we too couldn't get our fingers out of our asses.... got in, the terrace was half empty, and playing chill out stuff, so straight into the main room for us.

Yes it was very, very busy. It was doing my head in for a while, and was hard to get into it. However Christian Varela soon put a stop to any of these feelings!

Then Coxy came on, and absloutely blew my mind for 3 hours.

Lastly from 6-7 he went back 2 back with Varela, and took my already pummelled head / body and absolutely hung it out to dry!! Never thought it would top Garnier etc on the Sunday, but it was easily the best party on the island that week (possibly that I can remember for a good few years as well)

The atmosphere was electric, applause didn't stop for about ten minutes afterwards. It was about 90% Spanish / Italians in there as well, which made for a very different (admittedly intimidating at first) cosmopolitan, and up for it vibe.

Quality :D
carl cox is a legend....the atmosphre this guy brings is just unbelievable...i get chills just thinking about it....

last year in space i cought him on the terrace for a lil over an hour scratching and playing ill beats....people are clapping and cheering and the music stops and hes like....."alright everyone follow me" and heards of people follow him inside the club and techno music begins to blast off....i forgot who opened for him but he comes back on at like 3am and plays til 7....

people cant keep up with him and hes yelling at the crowd telling everyone to keep dancing....

ahhhhh what a great night that was.....