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Thinking of dining here when on the white isle in a few weeks, anyone got any tales to tell?!
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Hi there,
This reply is a little late so I hope you still get it!
My husband and I were really looking forward to eating at Cardamon Club this summer, we got back from a two week holiday last week.

We love Indian food and eating out in general but were really disappointed with it. The prawn purri starter, chicken madras and Chicken Jalfrezi we ordered all look and tasted exactly the same. The dhal was bland. None of it had a real garlic or onion flavour like you would usually have with Indian food. We also felt quite neglected on the evening. All the other diners seemed to be getting a lot of attention and we didn't get any.

All in all it was a €60 return taxi trip and €70 meal which we wished we hadn't bothered with.

I will stick to Banyan Palace and Bambudda Grove from now on. Although they are not Indian food and can not be directly compared, the service is great and the food is very tasty so I'm happy with that!

My wife and I had the exact opposite experience last year!

We thought the food was excellent and service was great.

Granted, we were there early evening so there weren't many other guests but we were well taken care of. Can't remember exactly what we had but we both left stuffed and satisfied.

It's a nice setting too. Set in a little house with a nice yard. Make sure you sit outside.
Last year we had the same experience as IbizaHoney foodwise. I am very fond of Indian food and Cardomon Club just wasn't authentic. As said, it all tasted similar and very bland. The staff were friendly but the feeling I left with was that the place is very self congratulatory (real word?) without much reason to be. Not a bad place but I wouldn't recommend it.
I agree that the setting is beautiful, we sat outside and the whole experience was very romantic but the food and service was a let down for us so I also would not recommend it.