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I'm a member of topgear.coms forum so here goes a delve into the car knowledge.

VW Polo

My indicator lights front and back on the right dont work. The indicator tick tock goes real quick - presumably to tell me this, but no lights come on.

I believe this is a fuse issue? If so - what fuse do i use? A standard one for a domestic plug? any help appreciated!
Its either a bulb blown in both your indicator lights, or as you say a fuse gone.

No a standard domestic fuse wont work.

Get them from a auto supplier or your dealer.
Probably both bulbs gone/dirty connection on them, although it may be the switch itself, Would not think fuse as other side works and you get clicking of the flasher unit, you must use automotive fuses ( they are a blade fuse anyway unless it is a very early car, very rare to get them in household appliances)

Have a good one
Tim random website with them on, you can get them at any auto spares shop, most petrol stations also.
feckin hell gareth, even i know how to change a fuse in a car and i have no idea what a carburettor or gasket is.

get yourself to halfords, fuse box is usually under the steering wheel column.

welcome back to post-wedding/honeymoon normality!! ;)
get this!

I go to halfords this morning. As i turn in the indictor is still broke. I go in, ask the bloke which bulb, he offers to fit (for £3.99) - i agree. Out he comes, asks me to hit the indictor. It only goes any works first time!

I look like I have munchasens syndrome, but at least lights work.