car seats for infants


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hello i was wondering if any1 knew if the airport taxis have car seats for a 1 year old or is i best getting the bus cheers
far i know i have never seen any seats for takes room up for cases and bags.where you got to go anyway.
get the airport bus to san an then.or get the taxi strap 1 year old in back seat but hold on to him.not save either way really.but bus is a lot cheaper option
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taxis don't have car seats but, and i remember being surprised by this, aren't legally required to have them (same in the UK).

obviously safety is the main thing though, so its a personal choice.
We booked a taxi transfer once with shuttle direct to take us up to Portinatx area and the guy had a child seat ready in the boot for us. Mind you he obviously thought we needed it as his driving was HILARIOUS!