Car rides from locals?



One night when me and 2 friends come out of amnesia, a car pulled up with two males in of about 20 years old. They said that they would take us where ever we wanted for just 10 euros. We thought that this was two risky and declined the offer, they tried to puersade us to get in the car with them but thought it would be safer to get a normal taxi.
Is this normal for somebody to offer you a lift and is it safe? Has it happened to anybody before?
Lift from locals

Depends really, I wouldn't chance it unless you outnumber the 'locals' in the car but last year a mate of mine got a lift from a genuine taxi from Privilege to Space and the dude pulled up, opened the boot of the car, put on a change of clothes and went into Space with them (getting them in cheaper) and stayed there for a good 6 hours 8)
I've taken a few 'illegal' cab rides, with no problems really.

When there's no cabs, it's hard to resist, but the quality of cars and drivers is not good and they often don't really know the way.

The last guy told us he was working to pay off all the coke he'd sniffed, which makes you wonder how safe they are!
Took one last week from some 75 year old native who was playing Radio 100- pretty trippy experience. It all depends on who offers the ride, I guess.
We got a few of these rather than wait for taxis at 3am. The cars are dodgy, and the drivers can be as well, but if there is a few of you and you aren't going to far then go for it.
Smae experience here, there was 3 of us last year coming out of Manumission, this young guy in a clapped out car asked if we wanted a lift into town for I think around €15, between three this was chaep and there was absolutley NO taxis at Manumission.

We must have came out of there around 8am, the place was seriously dying inside, with very few people there and everyone was waiting on the bus to Space (wish I'd gone there).

So that is indeed the best advice, use your judgement, if you think you'll be safe, go for it, it beats walking.....