Car Rental - HELP!


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I have been searching high and low for a car for the first week of August with little luck.

I have been quoted €650 as the cheapest, but it would make sense to get taxis at that price.

Does anyone have any suggestions either online or even when I arrive?

It is possible to just pick something up over there?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately that seems to be around the market price booking this late. I had an awful time finding anything looking about a month ago -- no idea what's going on there. Availability was so poor online on everything, that myself I didn't want to risk waiting till I was there. Got the most decent deal thru Europcar via CarDelMar. Did they ship all the old cars to mainland over winter??
According to this article (in German), car rental companies reduced their fleet in the continental Spain and on the Baleares by 40% due to the financial crisis and an expected drop in tourist numbers (which didn't happen).

Expedia still has decent prices for September, but overall, the situation is much worse than in previous years.
thats right, i made some comments on this before on AurigaCrown which has had similar problems and left people stranded at the airport by cancelling their bookings.

To be honest though, you have left it a bit late to expect to pick up a hire car for a decent price and such a late time of year, you will be lucky to find a one for hire never mind a cheap one for ibiza if your going next week....good will need it.! :cry:

same car at travel supermarket will now cost £600 for first week in august and £450 at the end of august so i wouldnt bother checking.....I know you probably realise this but you should really book up well in advance for car hire. Im paying £150 for two weeks at the end of august, but i booked in in november last year!!!
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