Car Hire (Convertible)


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Me and a mate are flying out for three days 31/08 - 3/09 and we are planning to go all out and are wanting to hire a convertible for the duration.
I've been looking on the car hire section but they are talking almost £500 for three days. I did come across a convertible megane for £265 for three days but couldnt book it as money was unavailable, now i cant remember which website it was on!

Anyone know any reputable hire companies out there that dont charge a fortune!?

Any help muchos appreciado!
... convertible megane ...
omg - this car is ugly as F ... wouldn´t want to be seen dead in it :lol:

last year we got quite good price for a jeep wrangler at some small local
rental agency in playadenbossa (i think it was 70euros/day) ...

but watch out - these days some bastards even steal wet towels out of the car
if the roof is open :)
Just got back from Ibiza 2 weeks ago. While out there we had hired 2 jeeps for 2 days. We had booked a couple of Jimny jeeps with Motoluis but were upgraded to a couple of wranglers. Worked out at around 85€ per day. They also do 308 cabriolet but its way overpriced.
we went exploring the island a little last year in n audi a4, rather than doing the same old stuff you know, and it bloody stunk after a week! there was several drink spillages but the foisty smell was hurrendous. Open top this year. managed to find an Astra cabriolet instead