Car Hire - Any Suggestions


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Apart form the ones listed on this site can anyone reccommend any car hire companis, with websites please


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this probably wont help but if you do go for one of the hire companies on this website go for mota luis, they were really helpful and quick, would recommend them to everyone!
I have used Hertz, Europcar, UR rent, Holiday Autos over the years but didn't like the insurance costs or deposits they quoted this year so gave this company a try for the last two trips this year and found them ok
beware however, I hire for two weeks so don't have a problem with the petrol as I use a tankful plus but for a shorter length hire it may be a problem because you have to take the car back EMPTY! :eek:
oh btw, did you book before you that a good idea, or are there plenty of cars and companies to choose from while there?

Thanks again.
I have booked through - £256 for 2 weeks car rental - cheaper than I paid last year, but I left it to the last minute then and there was hardly any cars available for hire and what they did have were expensive (cant remember who I used last year)
I also used Moto luis and it was the cheapest by far. A Renualt Megan Cabrio with CD changer was only around £300 for a week.
vinylgroover said:
oh btw, did you book before you that a good idea, or are there plenty of cars and companies to choose from while there?

Thanks again.

i booked through their e-mail on their website but you can usually pick something up if you arrive early in the morning at their office. I stress early. Actually now that i think of it jeeps were the only thing left in the afternoons.
I've been looking at this for a while now and the best company from the research I've done (in terms of price AND service - no hidden extras like excess and Collision Damage Waiver) are

For the last 3 years I've looked on the net and everywhere else for car hire and NEVER been able to beat them.

They'll get my business again this year for sure. £208 for a compact with aircon for 2 weeks. Less than £15 per day!!
Holiday Autos are a good company, but they are not a car rental company but a broker - you will end up with a car from Europcar/Betacar but generally at a cheaper price than dealing with them direct.

There are drawbacks, principally that if you take your car back early you won't get any refund - but then you can't have everything.

If you get your car from the airport, be sure to go to the desk whilst someone else waits for your bags - it will save you loads of time... ;)
Holiday Autos this year want a credit card slip for 600-800 euros to cover accidental damage on top of the hire charge and insurance is only third party - you have been warned
Yeah we got a betacar the last 3 years and the Mrs is used to hauling bags off the carousel now ;)

will check into the deposit thing though thanks