Canadians/Americans in September



Hey people,
I was wondering.. Are there any Canadians or Americans planning on going to Ibiza in the beginning of September (first week)? I am from Montreal and would love to meet with some North Americans who love to party NA-style (crazy partying, using some vitamin E and all the other accesories/activities that go well with it - massages, light shows, etc. )...

Hahhahahaha. Too funny man. Unfortunately I'll be there with my friends next week from the 13th to the 20th. But I love the "NA" style partying that you speak of.

I do plan to make another trip to Montreal from Toronto for some summer partying. Probably first weekend of August. Last time I was in Montreal was for New Year's and it has been too long. I wanted to go to Stereo this week for Digweed, but decided to save some cash and brain cells for IBZ instead.

Have fun if/when you go. :)

I was @ Stereo on Friday.. and it was probably one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. he played for 8 hours on the best sound system of the world (even though he might have tried to push it too hard and got the sound a bit distorted) from 4AM to noon.. At the end, he was actually dancing in the middle of the crowd. It was magical!