Can you identify this tune?


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If so, you will be my best friend for life. ;)

Anyway, the track in question was played at Bora Bora on the afternoon on Friday 20th September. Do you know it?

Ok, I'll try to describe it. It mainly consisted of (what sounded like) a rather wasted American man saying "one for Joey, two for....damn" and then loads for "one for, two for". Honestly, it sounds a lot better than I've described it. It was a fairly minimal electro background, but boy was it good!
cant help with the tune

but did anyone else notice that there seemed to be loads of tunes with people talking, for want of a better word, bollocks, over the top around this summer.

personally, i love this shit, so this is good news.
Come on, surely somebody must know what the f*** I'm on about!

I'll sing it if that helps at all ;)