Can someone ID a house track for me?!



Go to the website
click on VIDEOS
then the very top video called Twisted 2003
click broadband(must have real player)
watch the video
at the 5:50 mark a really bangin house track comes in
the last song when the credits come on
sounds like micheal jackson kinda but I dunno who it is?!
I've had a listen, it does sound very much like Jacko but I've never heard the track before so I couldn't say. But it'll most probably be a bootleg/white label on vinyl which has never had a full release as I've heard loads of tracks with Jacko on and they're nearly always bootlegs.

I must say that Americans just cannot dance for $hit, bless em! :lol:

It might take them a few years to catch up to Ibiza standards. :lol: