?? can n e 1 help please?



im desperatly lookin to work in ibiza but cant find any jobs on the net. all ive found is info on working abroad. can anyone help please?
I'll be honest here and tell you know - if you want work in Ibiza you have to be there. Get your face in and ask about - you will get something as there is a high staff turnover.

Please let me tell you one thing though (I'm not trying to put you off).

Remember - working out there is a different ball game. It wont be all all parties - you will be expected to work and work hard for probably not a lot of money. A lot of people go over there expecting it to be like one big holiday but it isnt.

Also , you will be working and living within a group of people - more like a community. which isnt a bad thing but you get all the normal gossip e.t.c.

BUT - on the up side - if you go with the right attitude , make friends and take enough money to get you started and budget with what you actually earn you can have the best time of your life.

Hope I didnt put you off - just some honest advice.
your best bet is to go for a 1 week holiday out there, and ask loads of places in person.

They tend to recruit like that. Go to the Ship Inn in San Antonio and look on the notice board, they're may be jobs on there, and accomodation.

To be honest you've left it a bit late, all the best jobs may have gone, but if it's what you wanna do, go for it!