Can I get some help???



I have spent the last hour reading and I apologize if any of my questions seem redundant. I love all kinds of music, but I prefer Hip-Hop and R&B. Do any clubs have this kind of music? If not, I will have a good time anywhere......just curious. Also, I do not prefer really young, annoying, drunk s!!!!! What clubs would be likely to attract mature, intelligent, beautiful women who like to have fun? Thanks for the help.
Is there a place to go every night of the week? I am going to be there in July from the 5th(Saturday) to the 9th(Wednesday). Can someone briefly map out a solid four days and nights, please. I like to drink during the day, I love the beach, I love women and I don't mind craziness for a short time if it means saving money on drinks until the evening.
ok, soo many questions...

yes there really is somewhere to go out every night if you can afford it. Check the listings when they are published in april/may time.

The clubs that you like are pacha, space and el divino. Here the crowds seem to be more cosmopolitan, the age range is slightly higher amd the people are very beautiful.

Unfourtunately none of these clubs play rnb and hip hop!!! the ony place that will lay this sort of music is the free clubs in san antonio which you will not like, because the crowd is mainly young lads and girls out to get very drunk.....

it will be very difficult to 'map out' a plan of your nights. but if was there for 4 days i would do:

Sat:Def mix@pacha (house music)

sun:Bora Bora beach bar till 1 or 2 in the afternoon then stroll across the road to space for sundays@space (dirty,tribal/funky house music)

Mon Roger sanchez@pacha (house music)

Tuesday:maybe take night off go to the beach during the day and go into ibiza town at night

Wednesday subliminal@pacha (house music)
Thanks Robo!!! I assume by "night off" you mean a night off from the clubs? Are there still chill bars to go to in Ibiza Town that will have a good amount of people. Also, is 100 euros a good estimate for a night out if I drink before I go to the club?
yeah ibiza town is brill for bars and pre club drinks the atmosphere is eccentric and soo are the people...there will be plenty of people on the isalnd at that time.

a night out can cost anything from 80 euros upwards!!!
Is there a door charge at Space on Sundays during the day? Sorry about all the questions, but I am extremely excited. I will be in Europe for three weeks and I am ending my trip in Ibiza!!!! It is all I can think about and reading the postings here has made me more anxious. Thanks again to anyone who helps me out.

I am going to be in London for a Mon.-Wed. in June. Do you have suggestions for good place to go out there? Also, what is the best area to stay in? Thanks.
The only place I can honestly say I went where there weren't any slobbering, young drunks was PACHA. People were dressed beautifully, enjoying the music, and not acting like fools whatsoever.
Slimdog said:

I am going to be in London for a Mon.-Wed. in June. Do you have suggestions for good place to go out there? Also, what is the best area to stay in? Thanks.

The only decent club I know which is open during Monday to Wednesday is Swerve @ The End - Every Wednesday - 10pm - 3am £5 B4 11pm/concs/£6 after

Fabio's midweek liquid funk Drum & Bass midweeker relocates to the lounge of The End, keeping the basslines totally fresh 'n' funky and still well and truly delivering to the thriving drum & Bass community who like their rhythms fast, furious and seamlessly jazzy, with special guests every week.
Thank you for the help everyone!!! It seems as though the places that I will like the most will be Sunday@Space and Pacha. From what I have been reading, I can't go wrong with those clubs. I prefer to dress nicely when I go to a club anyway, so I think I am really going to like Pacha. Thanks for the London info. Gecko.