Can I come to Ibiza and find accomodation from the ferry por



Is it possible to arrive in Ibiza the last week of August without accomodation.....and find some easily.
I am coming over from Canada and would rather not book until I see where the best place to be is.
Is it impossible to find accomodation if you have not booked a room?
Any suggestions?
I wouldnt reccomend it to be honest.. I started looking for a hotel three months and realized that a whole bunch of them (in playa de'n bossa anyway) were booked solid already. you'll be able to find a room i'm sure but not after spending a day looking around.. and who wants to spend a day lugging your luggage around when you can be on the beach.. just do your research look at the maps on this site, figure out where you like to stay and get a hotel there.. simple!
if you like to stay in ibiza town, it should be no problem to find a room,....but its really only one room, shower, no wc,...there is a little hostal an vaja del rey (center),....or on place del parque,...also center,...if you are lucky, youll find a room directly in the port,...hostal marina,...maybe....