Can I ask a cheeky favour for those who are on Facebook??


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Hi everyone!! I know I dont post on here often but just wondered if I could ask a favour...

Me and my friends are going to the Garden Festival again this year in Croatia. There was a competiton that we entered to host your own boat party at the festival and we were shortlisted down to the last 5 8) Now heres the favour.. To win you have to have to have the most people attending on the event itself on Facebook. Doesn't matter if you don't plan on going but just need everyone to just click that they are "attending" and the boat party with the most wins!!! We are currently in second place with less than a 100 attending between us and first place so if you do get a spare minute and could click attending on the event below I would be super grateful!!!

Thanks in advance x :)
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Done - you will be spitting feathers after all this if you dont win eh?? :lol::lol:

Yes - coat is half on and I am out of the door..... :oops::oops::oops:
We won!!! Thank you everyone 8)8)8)

The boat parties at Garden last year were amazing!! Can't believe we're actually gonna host our own this year :eek: