Can anyone name this tune (saxaphone i think)


Muscle Croc

Heard it so many times since a mate came back from Ibiza.

Im sure it starts of with a saxaphone (trumpet maybe?!?!), hasit all thru it, and whatever album it is (im somehow picturing it being euphoria might be wrong here though), its track number 3.

Anyone got an idea on album & song?

It would have been brought back between the 12th and 19th of june if this helps either, Someone reckons it was called the voice of the saxaphone or something similar but i cannot find anything along these lines.

Have done a search thru here already and downloaded a few tunes, does sound similar to tim deluxes' we all love sax. Whether it could be some sort of other mix of it (doubting it) or it could be another of his - im not so sure?!?


Laurent wolf - Saxo ?

I asked the same question as you and this is the answer i got!!!
it can b coz this tune overplayed now :eek: in ibiza(it was overplayed in france for 1 year & a half.. as shakedown at night a long time ago 8) )
weird! coz the tunes(as shake it,e samba etc...) overplayed in ibiza will usually be overplayed in france a few month later... :lol: & not the opposite case!
clik here to listen to saxo
aaaaaaaagh your stars ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

thats the one, number 2 - saxo!

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
How general was that?! The whole of my girlfriend's box sounds like that!!

Is the Divino CD mixed my Paul Stevens?
no!it's mixed by sergio serrano..this guy rocks! 8)
forget all the uk or us dj,this is the man!
marta & berta presents welcome to ibiza (intro)
ex pression groove With or without you (cover d u2)
scuba Tonight(dr jucho rmx)
anaconda Cuba beach(laurent pantra/clamaran)
bini & martini say yes (bien ke c 1 tube 2 la wmc d'après 1 membre d'ici, je le trouve correct..)
nurikan kidz (vito"junior jack" vicente le track latini ki déchire!"joe! tienes f***in musica..."
sergio serrano World day tube en espagne & c vrai ke san é 1!
french clones supersize track avec vocal féminin ki tchache
costa rica feeling u pur track de house tribale avec 1 sample de police every breath u take & 1 truc ki ressembe a du clamaran alert
gabriele d'andre morning light (laurent wolf extended)
laurent wolf saxo (ce track il cartonne en europe bien après la france kom le shakedown @ night last year..)
robbie rivera presents break 42 Gonna let the music move u around
wally lopez I'm coming to london
G & s project Enjoy the silence (cover d depeche mode)
sunset see u (fermeture..)
golden sun come back (intro "acide")
danny marquez Vibrations 2 la deep house latine
la comitiva ali bumbaye pur track 2 house latina festine avec 1 sample méga connu mais kom chui po expert en zic brésilienne...
Boston dj's Happy deep house latina-flamenca
monkey bars yach party e.P
dr kucho it must be love
sergio serrano timpani episode 2 pur trac avec 2 c tam-tam
full moon project Sunshine pur track légèrement tek house avec vocal féminin ki thatche
david terzian radical floor
little wiches late2night(tomcraft & eniac rmx) house progressive
simple minds spaceface (space rmx) house progressive
cattaneo,cass & mangan hubdub house progressive
hybrid we'll be together (mix avec les intro-fermeture & le track de serrano timpani episode 2..d'ou le nom de hybrid)
en bonus track g & s project & ex pression groove
ps:sorry 4 french coz kut & paste from french forum...
Aint too sure what the CD is but i remember the track was number 3 on whichever CD, i pressed it enough times the other night driving everyone nuts ;)
i believe its called: Calabria - by Rune. Apparently people go bonkers where it´s played in Pacha. It begins with a saxophone theme! great suff, and danish! Im proud hehe 8)
saxo is absolute crud. Of all teh sax tunes that have been released this year, saxo is the bottom of the pile. :evil: