can any one confirm

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I herd some years ago while in ibiza that their was a rumour that
due to safty reasons and soem to do with teh land that privalige is built on, that they where going to knock it down.
With a mind to building a new super club with the same name, in san an.?

can any one confirm.
i don't think so.....
maybe but the san an authorities have just rejected another club opening up.....
talking about buildings....does anyone know what that building just on the outskirts of San Antonio is?? The one that is half built and has been that way for years. Its on the road out from San An to San Antonio bay on the left hand side of the road
no problem!! :D

My god. It is tru what they say.....McRackin has a picture for everything.
We should all try and come up with some suggestions for McRackin pictures and make it really hard for him!!!
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