can a cider-soaked IPOD be repaired?


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anyone :?:

FACTS: was on primrose hill with work for picnic saturday before last. someone mistook carrier bag with 120GB ipod inside for rubbish. It got chucked in park bin. was in there for maybe 30mins. Rescued but ruined. Gutted isn't the half of it...


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So sorry, that is pants.

Speaking from experience, there isn't usually much hope for rescue... Mine was dropped into bath by well-meaning 3 year old (aaargh....!), picked up within 2 secs and still ruined despite sending it to Apple for help.


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are you trying to say that someone threw an unfinished tin of cider away too? there are children starving in africa.


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When you say it's broken do you mean it will only play Musical Youth and Detroit Techno?:p


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it shoudn't be, just needs to dry out, take it to a trusted dealer/repair shop and they should be able to sort it. ........failing that it should be covered on your home insurance


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Is it still under warranty? You can send to them and if they can't repair it they send you a new one... provided you got insurance on it.

I left mine outside in the pissing rain for a bout an hour about a year back and done this.



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sadly no warranty/insurance/guarantee/receipt.

cheers for all the responses anyway...

*moral of story - don't attend picnics with div colleagues*