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jeez, supposed to be enjoying a quiet break in Spain and suddenly get bombed with shocking news like this

basically a bit of an institution for East London clubbing folk - the very best of the best - may, weatherall, craig, watts, bug, peterson, parrish, terje, garnier etc etc have all pounded the famous soundsystem, but now it would appear some undercover jobsworth recently found traces of coke at Plastic People and so the licence is up for review in a couple of weeks... :rolleyes: "threat to public safety" total arse - it's the safest place I know! - never one fight EVER - just harmless nerds...

in 24 hours, the campaign to save the club is already massive - those of you who fought the dc10 wars, show your solidarity here

it is unlikely to massively influence the utter kuntstains who run hackney council - but it will give the club management at least some ammo at the meeting.
this, unfortunately, is serious $hit

people's careers are made in that place - where else in town caters for young producers pushing new sounds? where else has that underground, intimate vibe? - I'd struggle to name 5 right now - in a city of what - 9 million?

if London is serious about being a world leader in music - these kinds of venues cannot go under
My first London club, on my first London visit back in 1997.

Different location then... somewhere on Oxford St at the Holborn end, if I remember correctly. Great vibe.

Haven't been to the current incarnation though...
sosho and east rooms burnt down yesterday in a MASSIVE fire

they're going down like dominoes :eek:
Bloody hell - this is weird.

What do we think will rise out of all this mess? Pre 2008 London was such a different place. :cry:

There are enough people here with enough passion for music and 'we live in the centre of the world' arrogance to keep London where it is.

The question is how? The councils aren't too happy about this new temporary license thing are they?

It'll be an interesting decade to watch that's for sure.
yeah it's a weird one at the moment

plastics decision is on knife edge - although I read today Andy from soul brew reckons it'll survive.

his words:

if the venue had been run tightly and the existing licensing conditions met then it's unlikely these problems would have arisen, and it is very very very hard to have your license revoked... sure there are idiots in the police / licensing who hate clubs, clubbers, music, dance but generally if you keep your nose clean and work with them issues are manageable.

so for me it's entirely disingenuous to paint this as a police battle to shut down a club we love

if you are licensed to sell booze till 2am and regularly selling it later then you're always going to have trouble really, especially if you've been warned and not worked with the police and licensing to allay concerns.... shoreditch (as I think we would universally agree) has become vile on fridays and saturday nights... so police and licensing controls in such areas are necessary (and welcome)

from a personal perspective plastic people holds some amazing memories for me... harvey's xmas party & the first time I took mdma! franny k all night for two nights in a row, etc, etc

but the last 4-5 times Ive been over the last 3-4 years it's been pretty shocking

- girls toilet shut for a couple of hours on horse meat disco night, no door on mens toilet so all the girls I was with just left... not helped standing next to the curtain between the rooms for 10 mins before realising it stank of mould / sick which can't have been cleaned for 5 years and tiles falling off the wall, no ice in drinks, no card machine ... none of which should matter but all adds up to a picture of a management team that didn't pay attention to the little things and / or didn't know what they were doing

- it also started to get full of proper muppets on a saturday night whereas with balance there always seemed to be a no idiots door policy... last time I went to see theo it was one in one out and there were a group of twelve twats (two in suits) in front of me... the club was full and their priority should have been making sure the people in there had a good time... but at £10 in the bouncer let the whole group in to an over busy club (at 2.30am) even joking with them "I bet you don't know who's djing OR what music it is do you" to which they replied.. "no!"

an amazing club, with a sublime sound system with great memories for all of us

but it's lustre has been steadily fading for the last 4-5 years

so I hope this whole debacle gives the whole venture a shot in the arm to either up it's game at curtain road or elsewhere now they've seen what high esteem they are held in by clubland.

which all makes sense to me. I think it will ultimately depend on how professional the management look at the meeting. Given that the owner Ade spends most of his time in Nigeria! and his number 2 has let it go to ruin, it doesn't look too promising. But maybe the strength of feeling will count?

not all bad news though. I spoke to Toby and Danny from LNA last week at the Warm party at big chill house and they said they have a new venue sorted for their next party. A sweaty basement in Dalston, which sounds good to me. Details to follow. :)
sosho and east rooms burnt down yesterday in a MASSIVE fire

they're going down like dominoes :eek:
Jeezes.... they really are, aren't they? :confused:

It was bad enough when the London clubs I'd visited started disappearing... now even the ones I haven't been to are going away! :lol:

We lost one to a fire this week too. Opera. Building totally gutted. One of the bigger clubs in town.