Cameras in clubs? Camcorders?



Hello All,

Anyone know if it is against the rules to bring a digital camera or a digital camcorder into the clubs?


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leedrummond, you know Muel do you not??
Do you know where he is, he used to be on here all the time, now he isn't on here at all.

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yer i know muel :p hes prob at work, hes been workin alot lately, im sure he will be on her soon, if not he will be browsing the net for sum hardcore porn :p

Most clubs let you take in cameras but soem say to you dont take any pictures, e.g Eden. Manumission wouldnt let us take cameras in but we got some of the Bunny girls to smuggle them in for us
I've taken photos and digital videos at all the clubs and never had any problems except for bloody Space where they stripsearched my bag at the door and I had to check in the camera and pay €2 for them to keep it :evil:
Thats a real shame for ya but at least its interesting to know that they will check the camera in for a small charge as opposed to just "looking after it" for you and you not getting it back when you get out cos they "dont know where it went"!