they take them from you???


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Hi everyone.....counting down the days 'til I touch Ibizan soil but was extremely curious if any one can give me the low-down on cameras........I like to take pictures of anything and everything and I use disposable cameras on every trip I take but I hear in Ibiza at some clubs they may confiscate them.....................I don't want my cameras taken especially if there are other memories of the trip on it!!!!!!! WHERE WILL I BE SAFE WITH MY CAMERAS..............PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got my camera taken from me at eden one night (its a bit like a cloakroom full of camera's). Its all ok and i got my camera back at the end of the night. Some other parties are ok with camera's, esparadis, privelge, summum, and space were ok.

Hey back from Ibiza yesterday :( And I tried to take a disposable camera everywhere. Got it into Eden everytime (some good shots 2!) Privlege Amnesia and Space took it away. Bit like a cloak room, get a ticket and can collect it on ur way out. Shame wouldve been some awesome shots 2. Have fun matey its the ultimate place c u at the closing parties!! LOVED IT!
what if.....

Well....what if I hide the camera??? Do they do full searches for girls????? I was thinking to use like a garter type band under my skirt and hold the camera there 'til I got in...... :?: :twisted: :lol:
Re: what if.....

last year, i couldn't go in with my camera in cocoon @ amnesia and wls @ space. in amnesia they send me with a security to the cloakroom, i didn't think immediately to come back and take my camera, but in space, it's placed in a sort of chest of drawers just at the entrance, it's hard to get it back if you don't wanna leave, and you also have to pay something, it was like 200 or 500 pesetas last year, can't make the change in euros. cloakroom was around 100ish pesetas in amnesia.
good luck nadia ;o)
Hi Nadia !

Last year, I brought my disposable into all the clubs (Space, Amnesia, Priviledge, El Divino) in my packsack, some of the clubs forbid cameras, asked me if I had one - to which I said "no", some checked my packsack (half-assly, thank god) and I took many kewl pics :p

Good luck to you !

ps . going to WEMF ?

Chris ;)

No WEMF this year....flat broke and no time off work because of this trip.....maybe next year!!!!! You?????
Hi Nadia !

I have been going to WEMF every year since '97, but this year will go camping in Qué. on that weekend and then check out Arrival music festival ( near Montréal the following weekend...Frankie Bones will be there...I heard a lot of good stuff about this once yearly event...will have to check it out (it is Sat only) due to this and Ibiza, I will pass on WEMF this year....I am trying to keep my partying in moderation....guess this means I am a quasi-responsible person ! :p

jeez, I will be going to Québec 3 weekends in a row.....I will almost need a passport if I keep this up ! :eek:


WEMF is shit....Over priced/overcrowded/too many young little kiddies with soothers and shit like that/and the talent in my opinion is ok at best...There are some good dj's but...For those who don't know WEMF is World Electronic Music Festival held in Ontario Canada every summer and is considered to be the largest of its kind in Canada...Ibiza is the real deal...I used to go to WEMF back in the day when it was killer but I am alot older than 16 now :)
Very good point about the young crowd there!!! I don't feel that great partying with kids that have just started has become too much of a trend and as soon as it passes maybe I'll consider going again so I can party with the people who appreciate it!!!!!
Just a thought, if you have precious memories from your holiday on a disposable camera and are worried about losing them to some heavy handed doorman at a nightclub, then why dont you just buy a new disposable camera solely for going to that club? They cant be that expensive, compared to the pix that you have already taken, which lets face it, will be priceless!
The only club that they made us check our camera was at space, which sucks because we could have got some really great shots....everywhere else was cool.....