Camera phones in clubs



Hi all, I've seen a few posts talking about camera's not being allowed into some clubs, anyone know if the same apply to phones with camera's in them?

I wan't to take my phone with me, and would like to keep it with me at all time's, but don't like the idea of having to hand it over to someone at the door just because it's got a camera in it (not even a good camera, it's only for sending picture messages really).

Firstly .. Chesterfield? :) Not far from me ...

I'd take mine with me if I had one ...
Robo said:
don't worry...
however the quality might not be that good.


I'm not actually that bothered about taking photo's, or to be more precise I probably won't remeber that the phone has a camera in it at the time ;)

It only does 640x480 and no flash so I'd expect it to be pretty useless in a club anyway, unless you can get the timings right with the strobe :)

Just worried about them wanting to take it off me, or not letting me in with it.
The quality on the nokia camera phone is remarkably good and can take photos inside (Space during the day certainly wouldn't be a problem)

However, no doubt the clubs will be aware of this and be on the look out for them as you go into the club.

Plus I wouldn't want to take a phone into a club anyway as no doubt I'd lose it!
My fone is like a part of me now! I always need to take it out to meet up with people somewhere, Im the prince of paranoia tho- always checking to see if Ive lost it!
I feel weird without my phone, same with my keys or wallet. Doesn't even matter if I'm not driving I've still got to have my car keys on me, otherwise it feels like somethings missing all the time and I have to remind myself that I didn't bring them out with me.

I'm not woried about loosing the phone (Sony Ericsson P800) as I'll be wearing combats most of the time and I'll just stick it in one of the pockets that buttons up.