Calling another uk mobile in Ibiza, from my mob in Ibiza?!


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I'm with Orange and want to use my mobile in Ibiza to text other uk mobiles in Ibiza (going to make meeting up sooo much easier as I have friends who are heading out the week before I am and are staying in diff hotels...)

I assume it's simply a case of adding the +44 to the number and removing the first 0? (after getting 'international roaming' enabled before I leave)... Orange website says sending texts from Spain is 'not available' - that can't be right can it?!

worked fine for me last week
just drop the 0 and add the +44 and you will be fine
When I was there in may it didn't require any international codes, I just called my girlfriends number (who was also in ibiza with me) from my phone book so it was just 077... etc, worked fine for me. I also called back to the uk without adding any codes, just dialled 0121... to get hold of my mom. I was well aware of the +44 international codes and was just being lazy, but it worked.
This is not always possible on all networks; there are different agreements with operators when you roam.
Not to get too technical but for example: if you are a Vodafone UK subscriber and you choose to roam with a Vodafone partner in Spain then it may be possible due to technical Definitions/Features in their Network. This is possible because the database recognises that you are a UK subscriber and therefore routes the call to your home country i.e. +44

Best solution is to prefix all your phone numbers in your phone list with their International Codes i.e.


Can you tell this is my job?
swiss taff said:
Can you tell this is my job?