Calender Confusion???


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If Hed Kandi is at Eden, how come the calender shows El Divino?? Is there anything else wrong on the calender as I want to plan my week?? - yes a bit early I know, but I'm impatient lol :lol:
I'm in the same boat as you...I'm still waiting to find out whether or not Armin will be playing for the opening party for Armada Night on the 23rd, or if the 30th is in fact the first day he will be playing?
When you go to the party calendar, you'll see this notice at the top:
"These listings are from 2008 - We are still showing the listings from 2008 because hardly any dates have been released for 2009. You can see the updated 2009 calendar here. The 2009 calendar will be very nearly the same as last year!. "

Now that more dates are slowly being confirmed, I'm sure you'll see the actual 2009 filling up soon ;)