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hi was wondering what the exchange rate is in ibiza at the moment and do you have to pay any commision also was wondering is there any where in cala llonga out side of the hotels where you can change pounds to euros thank you:lol:
don;t know the rate but no commission.look for two big shops near the is called art not sure of the other one now.they do good rates.but also check the little shops across the road.your sometimes only taking 1 euro more will get a better rate in that resort than say playa den bossa.

see where its say 3 that white street is the one the need.
'Art' is a chain of shops,in most of the resorts,they sell holiday/beach stuff mostly,post cards,trinkets and souvenirs,leather goods etc.
Are these rates better than the ATM's?

well yes unless you have a nationwide flex card.anyother card you will ger hammered on charges.

and la sirena is another big chain of shops.they do money as must ask them.some do and some don;t.
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