Cala Llonga - Car Hire - HELP


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Hi All

I am keen to book a car for my holiday in July. I would prefer to pick up and drop off in resort. I'd also rather book on line before I go....

Any ideas which companies rent in Cala Llonga.

Also - I have identified 1 company - Auto's MARI - who seem to offer a good deal - but I have never heard of them....anyone used them or have any reports??

Thanks for any info!
Was it on the spotlight home page that you saw Auto's Mari ? Hire a car.
It says they have a place in Cala Llonga, bingo !
Have you tried Moto Luis :?: They have a website where you can e-mail them for a quote. I usually use them. They come to your accommodation and pick you up and take you to their local office where you do all the paperwork and then you collect you vehicle. I have always found them good value for money and the service has been good.