Cala Llonga Appartments (Apartmento Ramon Clapes)


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Hi Guys!
Was wondering if anyone knows who is the booking agent for these appartments this summer? We have stayed here twice and used mytravel but when we were over this summer Isobel in the shop said she was going to use someone else and gave me a website to book direct and also gave me her number incase i had probs.
The only prob being i have lost the bit of paper!!!!

I have trawled the web and have found a couple of sites who have them listed but are either not available or massively expensive.

If anyone can give me Isobel's details or the website they are booking through i would be most grateful.


Well...........we want to go from Humberside but that's a prob as no one seems to be flying out from there anymore!!! So Doncaster, Leeds, EMA, Cov, or Birmingham would have to be looked at!
The dates are not fixed but will prob need a 2 bed appt in the Ramon Clapes appts for 2 weeks july / aug time. (depends on prices really!)
Thanks for the website Woodruff but it is doing it per person and not per appt. so it works out well over budget!
Anyone know the contact details for isobel at all????? :cry:
Just to update you. I found a email address for the appts. and emailed them. I have had a reply in broken english giving me a price and stating i can pay when we arrive.
it seems a bit too good to be true and am worried - what if this is not their address and when we get there they have no booking for us!
Any advice?
(its about £300 cheaper than i can find through people like alpha rooms and travel republic etc!)