Cala Llonga advice


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Hi all

Im staying in Cala Llonga on 4th June for 14 nights. I'm sure most people here stay in San Antonio or PDB but if you've got any tips / experiences of what its like in Cala Llonga i'd love to hear from you.



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Nice beach ,
Few nice places to eat
10e cab To santa e
10 to Ibiza

Amante €€€
Baron €

You can walk over the mountains to santa e

Takes 2 hrs

Take water


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Nice little family resort. Basically one street only, but with everything needed.

I stay there for nearly 30 years, never regretted it.
Close to everywhere on the island, but remote enough to relax.


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Just sent a run down on Cala Llonga to a mate of mine the other day so here’s some info from the email:

It’s a very quiet little place and the beach is great plus it’s a perfect base to explore if you’re getting a car for a few days. Decent bus routes too anyway. It’s a stunning cove if you take a walk up the cliff roads and take in the views.

Can Nuts is a nice bar for a cana. Lovely owners. Food wise there’s Amante which is a stunning location albeit pricey (Mediterranean). SOS which is a nice family run place who do great fish (Mediterranean) La Vela (Italian). El Deseo (Mexican and burgers) La Casita which is an old finca up on the hill (Mediterranean). Valentino’s (Italian). Casa Piedra at the top of the main road (Mediterranean fusion / sushi) and they do a good value menu del dia too. Can Lluc not too far away on the Santa Eularia road - Packed with locals and they do paella on Thursday and Sunday for €16 including wine and dessert. Zebra is up on the hill but haven’t heard if it’s opening this year. New owners last year. BBQ style menu. Papaya on the promenade plus a new place opening this season Pez Globo near the playground.

There are cinema nights on the beach run by Viva Cala Llonga and there’s a hippy market every Thursday plus other music and family events across the summer. Their summer schedule is now on their Facebook page.

Three or four supermarkets. Best is probably the Spar on the promenade for food and grocery choice (but the beer is cheaper across the way at the smaller shop beneath the apartment block beside Coconut). Very welcoming owner at the Spar and her family work in it too. They also have a little cafe at the front where they do Estrella Galicia on draft.

20 minutes on the bus to Ibiza town depending on the Jesus junction. It’s a couple of euro. Approx €20 ish back again in a taxi at night. Boats to Formentera, Santa Eularia & Ibiza Town run regularly from the jetty.

As I say it is quiet plus the location means you’re not paying over the odds for accommodation, food and drink plus you’re only a short trip away from much more to explore. Enjoy!


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Thank you all for the replies. It sounds great! Perfect little hub where we can chill out in between exploring the island and a few cheeky heavy nights. Peace


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I ended up gettin placed in Cala Llonga on one of those allocation-on-arrival years ago, dreaded it at the start but loved it by the end. It forced me to get off my arse and see around the island. Would be handy with kids too i would imagine

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This looks lovely - defiantly a place for me to check out when I fly out this week. I'm assuming the beach is a lot safer than the likes of Bossa - ie you can leave belongings out whilst you have a swim - and you get "pestered" a lot less lol?

Is there parking close to the beach?



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Ha. Now you mention it I don’t think I’ve ever seen any novelty hat/cd/watch/sunglasses/etc salesmen on the beach. It’s really safe yeah. Parking area right beside the beach, on road parking above that and more options further back in and around town if it’s busy.
We had a great stay there a few years ago.
Lovely beach, enough places to eat, ok bus service.
Perfect if you have kids.

Only downer we had was the Eastern Europeans fighting on the beach in the afternoons. All-inc wristbands on. Think they get tanked up in the morning and fight in the afternoon. But that may have just been while we were there.


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It was a real downturn, when Playa Imperial introduced All-inc to Cala Llonga back in the mid 90s.