cala graçio

Yes,have spent a lot of time here,nice little beach it has "facilities"and even a shop where you can buy a tie dye T. Shirt, better when it's quiet though...
Pinto, how was the Abrat hotel after all, did you like it?
nice,only the pool was too smal,but in lisbon i have all year a big outdoor pool,so...

weel,its cool,because i had so much partys,that in that hotel is very good for sleep in rthe afternoon,then,get up for dinner and was party time again!

the price is very good,and you have the beaches close,as mambo,cefe del mar(didnt like it),es paradis and eden!

food was ok,of course spanish food has less quality than portuguese,but was average!

my individual room was small,but with a great view!

internet on the hotel was very usefull for transfer money and charge phone!

i recommend for those who dont need luxury!
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