Cala Gracio

i stayed there last year in the el coto apartments. it is just outside san an - about a 20 min walk - (40mins in heels!!!!) i found it more of a family resort and pretty chilled out which suited fine.

there is a small beach aswell - nothing too spectacular but it does the job.

all in all i found it to be a very nice area...
I really like the Cala Gracio area, but I would recommend that you hire a car if you are staying in this area coz I wouldnt fancy walking everywhere all the time.

The beach is small, but one of the nicer beaches in San Antonio in my opinion. Quite popular with families and can get really packed in the height of the season.
Cool, so it's about a twenty minute walk? Can you walk to it on the rocks from Kanya etc..?
yeah, you can walk the rocks way which is quicker than taking the road.

re the last post - i didn't feel it necessary to hire a car, unless you want to go to other places on the island - its easy enough to walk to san an and get buses to ibiza town and playa den bossa.

prob best getting a taxi back from san an on the way home though ;)