Cafe Mambo - beware 6pm!


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Having just returned from a brief visit to the island I thought I would share this experience with other Spotlighters. My asscociate and I went to Mambo for a few drinks, we sat at a table on the edge of the decking overlooking the sea, bought some pints served by a friendly helpful guy , then later ordered some more and spent some time chatting to the waiter , during this time we noticed that when a table by the sea became vacant the staff would quickly put a reserved sign on it. We asked our helpful waiter if he wanted us to move thinking their might be an important function on etc, he replied no it was ok. just after 6pm we asked for 2 more pints, exactly the same as we had just been drinking but were told these drinks were no longer available and we would have to drink bottles which were about double the price and of course smaller, I asked if the draught had run out, and they replied no it was simply policy. So we left , the place was certainly not busy and there was not a big pre-party planned so where this crazy policy come from I have no idea. But the messege is clear, if you go to Mambo order before 6 or you will be only able to buy limited more expensive drinks and not be able to sit where you like. This is a shame as I used to enjoy the Mambo experience.
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Very strange, ive often heard about bars putting prices up after a certain time (or offering discounted drinks before a certain time) but not reducing the type of drinks on offer

Maybes it was to stop pint glasses going missing, i doubt it though. I know they like to reserve the front tables in the evening to give priority to those who want a meal and a drink as opposed to a half a coke to sit with for a few hours while the sun goes down.

I often remember seeing groups of people take up a prime table and order a couple of drinks between them just to use the table as a people watching platform

I guess you like the Gran sol Mr B?
hundreds and bars and clubs have been doing this since before dunlop was invented.

i remember in amnesia, a bottle of water cost 600 pesetas at the start of the night and 1200 at the end of the night.
Thanks for info. Hope not all the sunset bars are doing something like this or its gonna be a lot of hotel room and west end drinking this year :/

We found something similar last year with the price of drinks going up after 6 at Mambos. Ordered a glass of wine and a bottle of cider and it was a good 5-6 euros more than it had been half hour earlier!! Same with their food.
That's regular practice in Mambo for the last 8 years at least. "Pints" are not seen as trendy enough at sunset! Attracts the wrong crowd!

Plus its premium Time so they have to make as much cash as possible.

Welcome to commercial Ibiza!
I'm with Chucky87 on this one. Grab a few cans from the shop and enjoy the same view for a fraction of the price!
Last I was there we bought a cheap bottle of cava each and some cans. Makes you look like your loaded when you pop the corks as the sun sets :D
This is quite common in the UK that bars/clubs to change prices. Some do it at 8pm some at 11pm.
Also they are a buisness and have to be as profitable as possible.
Pints take longer to drink and it's all about quick turn over.
I think the pricing in Ibiza is scandalous, I am bewildered as to why people don't vote with their feet, I was talking to a bloke from swanky restaurant in cala tarida, he implied a beer is only 6 euros in his place, I checked the online reviews and saw he was right, a thimble of beer is only six euros, but for that you get to see the sun and observe Russian rinsers mop rich mans brow,
I was really impressed with Khumaras this time round. Thankfully there are still places on the island like this.
..., I am bewildered as to why people don't vote with their feet,...

Well, they actually do vote with their feet and they vote for being ripped off.
Have a look at all this crappy places with crappy music or trash Djanes, none of them suffers.
Being made to pay higher prices makes many people think they're getting something worth more, so they want it more. Bit like slapping a designer logo on a badly made pair of slacks and charging £200 for them. Never any shortage of takers. Emperor's new clothes and all that. When places become a magnet for people with money to find ways to blow it, then it's inevitable more and more of them will arrive.